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Schematic Development

We converse and pen down your needs, wants, and initial ideas on what would happen with your space. Think of it as an interview where you get to answer important questions that would clue us in on how best to approach the narrative that you want to create. The process can be completed remotely over the phone, the internet, or in person sometimes over coffee, tea, or snacks.

Design Development

The design team gets together and pulls out all the stops to come up with an interpretation or two (sometimes even three) that best aligns with your particular project. A series of exchanges eventually leads to the final design translation that would be drafted for coordination with allied professionals.

Construction Documents

Once the design development stage has been pinned down, the set of construction drawings would be drafted down in preparation for engineering inputs which would all be consolidated into a set that would be submitted to the city hall for review

Permitting and Selection

With the issuance of the building permit comes the selection of qualified teams for the project execution. This is highly dependent on the size and scale of the endeavor which allows for screening through bids and coordination meetings

Construction and Execution

The construction team gets mobilized and the structure is sent on its way. Coordination with various suppliers for stocks, deliveries and even alternatives are all performed during this phase. Our assistance is extended through periodic checks to the site to make sure that the plan is being laid out to spec

Finishing and Turnover

Before the dust settles and everything is cleaned up for you, all the elements are brought in and situated into a picture perfect state.

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