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The Fold was conceptualized with an emphasis on crafting a piece that would stand out among the rest of its brethren, tables specifically tailored to work with individuals seated at a sofa. It’s interior dimensions were meticulously refined to clear most armrests on living room furniture where the Fold could slide underneath.

The clarity, sheen, and inherent durability of the automotive lacquer finish was selected to elevate the aesthetic of the clean lines of the Fold even further. The linear design alludes to the homogeneous nature of the Fold’s construction as if it had been hollowed out from a singular material – one whose nature exudes its own mystery.

A pocket exists within the Fold objectively included to act as a receptacle for items that had come from or would rest on its top surface. It can hold all manner of printed material as well as laptop computers on its own or together. Mindfulness of the Fold’s design is displayed once more through the strategic bottom vent which prevents pens or other small implements that might have fallen into the pocket from being trapped and potentially having to turn the Fold over just to fish it out.

Each Fold, starting from its base material form, has been handled by artisans who make certain that every surface of each component piece is smooth, properly fastened, and evened out prior to final finish – true to the very first completed prototype that is still is in service to this day.


One of the main features of the Fold is its ability to put up to four of them together and still occupy practically the same space as a single Fold would


Available in four standard colors all earth tones and neutral - a good fit to any stylistic application


Can be used upright or on its side transforming it to a center/coffee table

Modifier Ready

Expand the usability of the Fold using the slot generally reserved for magazines / laptops

We thank you for choosing to own a Fold, or multiples thereof, and hope that it becomes a memorable piece in your collection.

Your very own Fold Side Table is waiting…